As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I offer a compassionate and supportive environment where you can address current life challenges and long-lasting issues. I draw from my almost 20 years of experience in clinical counseling and a total of 30+ years as a pastor and doing pastoral counseling.

My focus is working with adults in individual therapy. I treat a broad range of issues including anxiety, panic, depression, mood disorders, and women’s issues.

I specialize in treating trauma and post traumatic stress disorder with a variety of evidence-based trauma treatments including EMDR.

I also provide Christian counseling for those who desire faith-based counseling. I integrate my clinical training and experience with a Christian world-view and resources that are Biblically sound.

Online Counseling is available using confidential, HIPPA compliant videoconferencing.

Those who are interested in spiritual direction and mentoring are also welcome.

The glory of God is a human being full alive.